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Creativity is within each of us. We are all artists. My classes provide artists with an enviornment that is comfortable so each student is able to form confidence to express their own ideas.

I believe through encouragement, individualized instruction, and  demonstrations that students, once given the foundation, will then find artistic freedom. My students always develop a style and unique form of expression.  The classroom is an artistic community where we learn from each other. Many of my students have formed friendships in my classes, and continue to make art an ongoing part of their lives. I am dedicated to helping each student find what their strengths are, while offering any resources I can. My love of art is reflected in my teaching, and I often share contemporary artists with my classes. I hope more than anything that my students get to know themselves through this process, and most of all have fun making their art.


Teen Portfolio Class:

“I have learned to shape [my drawing] and make it [appear] 3-D. This is a huge improvement because when I started I drew like a baby. Now I am like a pro.”

“This art class is wonderful! I feel more confident in trying new techniques and mediums. The tips and feedback she gives helps exponentially! I am very thankful to take advantage of class time.”

“This class is fun. I enjoy that I can build on what has been taught to me in the past. I have grown as a still life and portrait artist.”

“Art class is great. I love all the creative things we get to draw.”

“I have taken this class once  before and loved it. The quality did not change.”

“I enjoyed the class and because of the instructor, I learned new techniques and ideas about drawing.”

“I liked everything, there wasn’t really much to complain about.”

“This class is perfect except the amount of time [in] the class is very short and it should be longer.”

“This class is challenging and fun.”