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March Newsletter

WHAT’S NEW FOR MARCH Happy March 2012! I am happy to report that all my students who had individual lessons with me this past year have received auditions at SOTA. I am very proud of their accomplishments, and will continue to help students in my class called Develop Your Art Portfolio at Sharon Art Studio. […]


Ten Things I Learned About Cartooning & Life from Disney Animator Al Baruch

                                                                                                                                                 My teacher and mentor, Al Baruch, created Captain Hook, Mighty Mouse, and did the artwork for Fantasia. I enrolled in his class at twelve years old, and continued to work with him until I entered high school. His class met at Hofstra University in New York on Saturday mornings, the same time as Saturday morning […]

Cartooning Blog

I was asked yesterday… “Is it difficult to learn how to make comics?” My answer:  1- Cartoons are basic shapes: The head of a character is made from (a circle, square, triangle, rectangle etc.) 2-The materials needed are simple: Pencil, Paper, Ruler, Sharpie, Set of Markers 3-Look at the masters: Winsor McCay, Chris Ware, Jillian […]